Superior sensory integration improves performance in music, sport and business

This study is the fourth in a series of studies which have been able to correlate brain activity with world-class performances in athletics, music and business management. It found that peak performance was associated with superior sensory integration, described as how economically and effectively the brain was able to work and how well the various parts of the brain were cooperating. The term used in physics for the level of cooperation and efficiency is ‘coherence’. Researchers also found differences in the number of alpha waves produced, reflecting mental alertness; a higher level of socio-moral reasoning; and an ability to associate top performances with particular subjective experiences.

The researchers concluded that peak performances are associated with uniquely high mind-brain development and the different aspects and parts of the brain worked together in a particularly well-integrated way. This enabled individuals to make maximum use of their inherent ability, regardless of the particular activity in which they excelled.