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This programme is for any adults and children who are experiencing signs of overload or stress. The programme targets the obvious manifestations of stress, such as feelings of overwhelm or an inability to focus, but also the less obvious, such as a lack of motivation or digestive problems. There is a particular focus on the microbial balance in the gut, which is often upset by our emotional distress but can also be a causative factor in stress disorders or problems which cause us stress, such as skin problems or a difficult relationship with food.

  • Optimal function
  • Optimal function

    People vary in the way they respond to overload. For some the symptoms are primarily emotional – anxiety, stress disorders, fears and phobias or emotional shut-down. For others the problems relate more to mental functioning, such as difficulties with staying focused, complex reasoning or working at peak capacity. Some people might appear to cope but problems manifest themselves physically, in lack of energy or motivation, poor coordination, skin conditions, allergic reactions, aches and pains or weight issues.
In recent years research has revealed that the microbes in our bodies play a significant role in regulating things like our moods, appetite and food choices. We benefit not only from having the right balance of microbes but also from having a wide variety of them. The foods we choose to eat and the foods we decide to avoid have an important effect on the microbes in our bodies – and, if you’re trying to make changes to your diet but are finding it hard to maintain them, it’s possible that this is actually the result of a disturbance in the balance of microbes in your gut.
However, we have found that targeting stress factors helps the body to restore the correct balance of microbes. It can also lead to a better quality and quantity of sleep and oxygen and hydration levels in the brain.
This programme targets the underlying causes of stress-related problems and its effects are unique to each individual, as it works on individual vulnerabilities, stress factors and symptoms. The Stress Buster programme is not a quick fix, but aims to effect permanent change – you won’t notice the benefits immediately, but instead should see your situation getting better over time.

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