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The sports performance programme targets the effects of stress factors in sport and related fields. It can also suit adults and children who are keen to enhance their performance in all forms of dance. Skilled performance in sport is not only about natural talent and a determination to succeed, it requires mature sensory development and physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

  • Optimal function
  • Optimal function

    The nervous system must be functioning at an appropriate level to support the learning and execution of the physical aspects of the sport. Metabolic functioning must be sound to support speed, strength and stamina. Mental focus is necessary for learning, attention and awareness. A high level of emotional strength and resilience is also essential.
Stress factors can affect you at every level of practice and performance and can limit potential – and high-level performance is also hugely demanding and can in itself be stressful. The fewer stress factors someone is affected by, the more likely it is that they will be able to reach their full potential in their chosen sport.
The programme works on improving a range of areas: the sensory system, the motor system, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, reaction time, focus, concentration and motivation. We have been targeting these areas in our programmes for more than fifteen years and monitoring progress with specialised tests.
Stress factors can have a big impact on your emotional, mental and metabolic functioning. Any issues with metabolic functioning can affect your digestion and your diet, and may stop your cells from receiving the oxygen, water, glucose and other nutrients they need. Anything affecting your emotional wellbeing can cause tension, anxiety, depression and a wide range of other debilitating symptoms.
The sports performance programme is as relevant to a child struggling in a B team or an adult trying to improve their golf handicap as it is to an elite athlete. Dancers too can benefit from this programme. We all find our performance is affected by stress and we can all do even better. The sports performance programme can support anyone who has a desire to succeed.

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