Pay quarterly

From: £53.00 now,
then £45.00 every 3 months

  • First payment is £45.00 plus cost of Gorilla Tags
  • Quarterly payments of £45.00 start after 3 months
  • 33% discount on Gorilla Tags


  • Choose any programme - one per person
  • E-mail support
  • Online updates
£45.00 every 3 months

GORILLA TAGS (quarterly)

  • You need a minimum of 1 Gorilla Tag to subscribe to the programme, but you are advised to purchase 2 or more.
    More information about the practical use of the Tags can be found here.
  • Tags are a one-off purchase - you will not be billed monthly for these.
  • Ordering multiple subscriptions for different people? Remember to choose different colours!
  • You can buy additional tags later, but the cost may be more.