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What is a gorilla tag?

Gorilla tags are made of a mixture of tourmaline and silicone and house a radio frequency identity tag (RFID) which makes a remote connection to our programming. The silicone in the tag provides flexibility and the tourmaline holds and relays beneficial frequency patterns. Each RFID has a unique code which allows us to establish a personal connection for each of our clients. The tags are washable at normal temperatures and can also be put in the tumble dryer.

Instructions for use

Gorilla tags are designed to be multi-functional. You can keep them in your pocket or clothing, sew them into clothes, or wear them around your neck or wrist. We recommend that you are in good contact at night, and they can be placed under sheets, in or under pillowcases or sewn into nightclothes or items of bedding.

To be most effective, the tag should be within 75mm (3 inches) of the body. Try to maintain contact for at least 16 hours a day. Prioritise use at night, when working to improve performance and during stressful situations.


There are two very important things to consider when using Gorilla Tags with children. The first is the fact that children very easily lose things. The second is that they can be hugely sensitive about what their peers may be thinking about them. For both these reasons it is often best to sew the tags into clothing so that they are not visible and not easily lost. Young children do not need to know they are there and if they have a tendency to over-react it can sometimes be best not to tell them.

There can sometimes be problems with attaching tags to children’s very light summer clothing, particularly for little girls. Some parents have managed this by putting the tags in a little belt under their clothing that does not easily come undone.

Gorilla tags can be laced into shoes, where the lacing begins. Some parents have found ‘lock laces’ to be very useful for this purpose. These are elastic, secure and do not involve the child being able to tie shoelaces.

Some children like to know that their tag is with them and prefer to have it around their neck or firmly clipped inside their pocket so that they can feel it. If they wear their tag around their neck, please be aware that the chain needs to be able to break if put under undue stress for health and safety reasons.

Gorilla tags are deliberately designed to be child-proof and wash-proof, but there are limits! The tags house a radio frequency identity tag (RFID) and this tag can be eased out if the gorilla tag is inappropriately bent or tampered with. If the tag is not sewn in, please make sure your child is aware that they need to be careful.


Gorilla tags can be sewn into clothing for adults too, but many adults are happy to carry one tag with them, around their neck or in their pocket, and keep another under their sheet at night. If the tag is used as a key fob or kept in the pocket with loose change, it is possible that it will have a more limited life than those which are more protected. If you use your tags in this way you may like to post one back to us after six months to check that it is still working perfectly.

Women are often in situations where they do not have a pocket and do not want to wear a tag around their neck. A good solution in this case is to put it in a bra and some people sew them in permanently.

For those with sensitive skin, please be aware that silicone can cause a heat rash if tightly pressed against the skin in hot, sweaty conditions.

When playing sport or jogging, some people keep their tags in the arm or wrist bands used to house mobile phones. Care needs to be taken not to lose the bands, however.


If you have any queries about how to use your tags, please contact us by email.