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This programme targets blocks in any area relevant to learning, practising and performing music. It is suitable for anyone who is focused on performance or developing their skills in singing or playing an instrument. It is as relevant to those preparing for primary examinations as it is for professionals performing at the highest level; the fundamental processes are the same, but the degree of complexity and fine-tuning required increases with the level of performance.

  • Optimal function
  • Optimal function

    Music performance relies heavily on listening skills, for which both our sense of hearing and the sound processing systems in our brains need to be functioning optimally. Singers cannot sing notes which they cannot hear properly and instrumentalists will struggle to play in tune for the same reason.
Music performance often requires a high level of physical functioning and manual dexterity, and a great deal of practice is required to perfect skills. Your posture and your breathing are important as well as your ability to produce the sounds. But if your body is being adversely affected by stress factors, you may not be be physically able to perfect your skills, no matter how hard you practice.
Visual functioning is important for watching the conductor, staying with the beat and reading music. This makes heavy demands on visual perception, memory and hand-eye coordination.
Emotional functioning is a key area in performance and everyone will be aware of how nerves and emotions can get in the way, particularly where there is an audience or when performance is being judged.
All of the above are achieved through teaching, dedication, practice and preparation, but all of them also rest on all the relevant areas of your body and mind not being hindered by stress factors.

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