Gorilla Plus

Gorilla Plus is for people in challenging situations who need help, advice and someone to talk to. It is so much easier to cope with challenges when you have an understanding of what is behind the issues. You can be positive and give the right support when you can see the little steps by which progress is being achieved.

  • Intensive Support
  • Intensive Support

    Gorilla Plus holds your hand and is there for you until you see the light at the end of the tunnel.


The Gorilla Plus service begins with a full questionnaire and discussion of the presenting issues. A developmental report is then prepared which provides an explanation for some of the difficulties and serves as a benchmark against which future progress can be assessed.
Special programmes can be run on request to explore particular difficulties or to explain the developmental issues which are being prioritised on our programmes. Telephone discussion links the programme reports with observed behaviour to provide an understanding of how the programmes are working and where best to give additional support.

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The Gorilla Plus programme can be used in addition to any Gorilla Tag programme. For further information, please telephone Jane Lloyd on 020 3813 0702 or email her at jane.lloyd@gorilla-tag.com.