Explaining the science

Quantum physics teaches us that everything in the universe is composed of different forms of structured vibrations which supply a unique identity, just like a fingerprint. Everything which is at all different from anything else can be identified by this frequency fingerprint. This applies equally to every aspect of human functioning, physical, mental and emotional, and the positive or negative agents that can operate to facilitate growth or cause dysfunction. Frequency interchange then allows rapid and complex interactions to take place which would not be possible with physical processes alone.

  • Supporting development
  • Supporting development

    The developmental process which supports the development of our potential follows the same rules for everyone, although everyone is different and designed to develop in their very own way. This process is often referred to as ‘sensory integration’ and this model has allowed us to develop our programming to find and neutralise stress factors which are preventing people from doing their best.
The human body is designed to be self-healing, responding actively to any destabilising factors in its environment to maintain balance. These negative influences can be described as ‘stress factors’ and they can be toxic, such as a virus or hazardous chemical, or emotional, such as unkind words or fear of abandonment. Stress factors can be acquired directly or indirectly from other people or our environment. The new science of epigenetics has revealed that many of these ‘stress factors’ are also inherited from our ancestors, so that their issues can have a powerful subconscious effect on our own functioning and behaviour.
Biological systems always strive for perfect balance, known as homeostasis, but due to the overwhelming number of destabilising factors in the environment this is unattainable. However, the closer they are to a perfect balance, the more authentic they are and the better able to express their full potential. This is as true of fruit flies as it is of people although human beings are infinitely more complex.
When stress factors are able to destabilise a system they affect the balance of its structured vibrations. Effectively its frequency goes slightly out of tune and this is what we mean by stress. A stressed system is simply one that is not working as well as it should do because something is getting in the way. If the authentic frequency pattern can be restored the system will then function normally, and this is what all of our programmes aim to do.
Our programmes are uniquely designed to focus on stress factors which can interfere with human development, the perfect development of all of our senses and the way in which the brain learns to combine them to develop the complex processing we need to allow our unique developmental blueprint to unfold. Anything which interferes with this process early in life can have a profound effect on the way we develop, but function can be lost much later in life too, particularly if systems are vulnerable as a result of compensations forced by stress factors operating under the surface.