Gorilla Tag Assessments

Gorilla Tag assessments are a new approach in the field of cognitive assessment. Conventionally the assumption is that measurements of IQ will be predictive and that individual profiles of strengths, weaknesses and particular difficulties will remain largely unchanged. The focus is on the things people find hard to do, but not on what might be causing those problems and what can be done about it. Labels are often applied which assume lifelong difficulty.

Our innovative assessments are quite different. We combine conventional educational testing with tests of central auditory processing (listening and attention skills), visual processing (visual skills for reading, writing, maths) and motor processing (movement skills for sport, handwriting, drawing, hand-eye coordination). We also consider factors affecting emotional balance. We follow on with programmes which target the underlying causes of any difficulty and we expect profiles to change significantly in the long term.

  • Support for Success
  • Support for Success

    Our mission is to uncover what is special about each individual and any issues which might be holding them back. We support our clients throughout the process of reaching their full potential.

Exam preparation assessment

We recommend that this assessment takes place at least a year beforehand to allow time to address any specific issues and to enhance skills. Tests take about 3 hours and a report is provided giving full details of the child’s performance. The report is subsequently discussed fully with parents or carers. Progress after that is reviewed at regular intervals. The first review is free, included in the price of the package. Children can be assessed from the age of five.

In-depth assessment

This is suitable for children with challenging issues where a full written report is required. The assessment is preceded by an examination of the background, including the use of a detailed questionnaire. Full support continues in the follow-up period to ensure that the child’s needs are fully understood by parents, teachers and support staff. Progress is reviewed at regular intervals and the first review is free, included in the price of the package.

Adult assessment

These assessments are conducted on a very individual basis as needs vary considerably. We investigate areas where stress factors may have had a significant effect on processing and performance. A series of tests will be chosen to seek to explain the source of any difficulties and to provide baseline scores against which future progress can be assessed.

Our initial assessment is a starting point only and we expect to see improvement using our programmes. Our regular review system monitors progress closely and provides support for changing needs.

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For further information or to make an appointment, please telephone Jane Lloyd on 020 3813 0702 or email us on jane.lloyd@gorilla-tag.com. We can supply a range of case histories to illustrate the steps through which progress is often achieved.

Jane Lloyd BA M.Ed AMBDA

Jane’s career in specialist teaching and assessment began in 1989, at one of the UK’s first specialist schools for children with dyslexia and associated learning issues. She has post-graduate qualifications in dyslexia assessment & teaching, the teaching of children with learning difficulties, and educational evaluation, measurement and research techniques. Jane has also qualified in a very wide range of therapeutic intervention systems designed to address cognitive, auditory, visual, motor, emotional and metabolic issues.