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This programme is designed particularly for young people preparing for public examinations or school tests and adults studying for professional qualifications, following courses for continuing professional development (CPD) or learning new skills. Peak mental functioning requires physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. You need to be able to learn, store and remember information and apply it appropriately to an exam question. But the process of answering an exam question may also require a host of less obvious skills, such as the ability to visualise and comprehend, the ability to think and write at the same time and the emotional intelligence needed for understanding a situation.

  • Optimal function
  • Optimal function

    Everything in your body and mind is interlinked, and a dysfunction in just one small part of the system can cause wider damage, like a bug in a computer programme. The effects of emotional stress on performance are well-known, but some people are more prone to the effects of stress than others as a result of genetic vulnerabilities and environmental triggers.
Emotional and metabolic factors are a major factor in academic success. Emotional issues can disrupt every aspect of exam preparation and performance and are also a big factor in interview situations and important presentations. Metabolic balance is vital for supplying the brain with the nutrients, oxygen and hydration it requires for peak performance. The correct amount of sleep is also crucial.
The academic performance programme targets the sources of stress which affect us all as we develop, and can impair performance, both in preparation for exams and the exams themselves. As the stress eases, your body and mind will start to work better; there will be fewer ‘bugs in the programme’, and you will find yourself functioning better, not just in your academic performance, but in ways that may have seemed totally unrelated.
The programme is not a ‘quick fix’ and we recommend starting it about two years before the target exams. Beneficial effects may be noticed quite quickly – we expect to see a big improvement in non-verbal reasoning within a year, for example, for those for whom there is room for improvement. The aim of the programme is to allow the user to reach their full potential, however, and this is not something which can happen overnight.

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